IV Sedation

Anxious about dental treatment? We have options for you!

We have different levels of sedation to accommodate for individual needs. We will discuss these options with you and together decide on which option best suits you. First and foremost, we start with a welcoming and comfortable environment to make you feel at ease.

Sedation Dentistry at Dentists In Annerley, Brisbane

Many patients, children and adults alike, understandably suffer from anxiety when visiting the dentist for their appointments. We understand that there are many reasons for anxiety, whether it be previous trauma or generalised anxiety, which can lead to patients postponing needed dental treatment or even regular maintenance and hygiene appointments. This unfortunately can lead to further problems.

We understand this and take this seriously. Here at Dentists In Annerley we strongly endeavour to make the clinic atmosphere welcoming and comfortable, and a place where we treat every patient as a friend.

This is why we offer several methods of sedation. With our dental sedation services in Brisbane, we want to help you achieve your dental goals and remove the hurdle of fear and anxiety.

Oral Sedation

Oral medicine is the most common form of sedation that may assist in reducing anxiety during an appointment and is most suitable for patients with low to moderate anxiety. These medications can take the edge off and create a more relaxed and pleasant experience.

IV / Twilight Sedation

IV sedation is the next step up from Nitrous sedation and is also know as twilight sedation. Here at Dentists In Annerley, we work alongside a GP who performs the IV sedation, allowing our dentist to fully concentrate on your dental treatment, while the GP concentrates on keeping you comfortable and safe. This is most suited to patients with high levels of anxiety at the dentist and is ideal for those who do not wish to undergo full general anesthesia and want to avoid a hospital visit and/or hospital bill.

The process takes around 20 minutes to set up and the sedation lasts throughout the entire procedure. You will be consistently monitored and looked after throughout the whole procedure and the strength of sedation will be constantly adjusted during the appointment to suit your needs.

General Anaesthetic In Hospital

In some cases anxiety or extensive dental treatment can be so overwhelming that undertaking a procedure in the dental chair is just not fathomable. In these special cases, general anaesthetic can be an excellent option and provide the relief and stress-free experience patients are looking for at the dentist.

General anesthetic will allow a patient to be completely asleep during their whole procedure and wake up without the memory of their recently undergone treatment.

General anesthetic can only be performed in hospital setting where anesthesiologist, dentists and nurses all work together to provide you with upmost care.