Dentistry for your little ones!

Good habits developed early will usually last a life time. It is essential we educate our little ones in oral hygiene and start at an early age.

Paediatric Dentistry

First check up for little ones!

It is important to introduce your kids to the dentist at a young age. Exposure to the dentist and a happy and comfortable dental environment can help our kids become comfortable and learn good oral habits at an early stage. At Dentists in Annerley, we believe in a long-term care plan for our children and therefore we place a large emphasis on prevention and education.

Our dentists have a lot of experience with children and can provide a gentle and comfortable approach to helping kids and adolescents. Our dentist can introduce fun and interactive ways for your little ones to maintain their chompers for life! We like to start seeing children from the age of 2, even just to get to know them and make them familiar with the dental setting. We let them sit in the chair and give them a small gift to associate the clinic with a safe and happy place. We have several techniques that we implement, including models and pictures to make their visit a fun and memorable one. We also provide nitrous sedation to make sure that our little patients are well taken care of and feel at ease during any treatment.

At Dentists in Annerley we like to spend time with our little patients and their parents to explain the need for good oral hygiene and dietary habits. We focus on making sure we are preventing the next generation from dental decay and tooth loss.


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