Dental Fillings and Restorations

If you have tooth decay, a hole or loss of minor tooth structure then a filling may be required.

A dental filling (or restoration) involves removing the existing decay and bacteria then priming the surface and preparing the tooth for the filling. The missing tooth structure is then replaced with a tooth coloured composite material. We shape and adjust it to comfortably suit your bite.

Fillings are an excellent way to prevent further decay which can otherwise lead to a toothache and more extensive treatment like Root Canal Therapy.

A filling offers you a cost effective and painless method of restoring a tooth back to its original form.


Why are fillings important?

Fillings are usually carried out as a replacement of tooth structure once decay is removed. If decay is not removed and reaches the nerve, the tooth dies. Once a tooth is dead it will require much more invasive and expensive treatments such as root canal therapy and a crown. It is much better for the health of your teeth to get decay sorted before it extends deep into the tooth and into the nerve.

A filling is a cost effective and simple solution to prevent further damage or decay to a tooth. For example, a filling can be as little as $175 and can prevent decay from reaching the nerve inside the tooth, which then would result in more extensive treatment potentially reaching into the thousands.

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