Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy (or endodontic therapy) is a treatment modality for an infected tooth. The treatment aims to remove the infection from the tooth and protect it from future microbial invasion.

Root Canal Therapy

A root canal, simply put, is a like a filling but for the inside of a tooth once the tooth has died or is causing problems. A nerve may die or become inflamed or infected due to multiple reasons including decay, trauma a crack or even grinding. The death or inflammation of a nerve inside a tooth often leads to infection and potential facial swelling and may also affect adjacent teeth, so it is better to get in as early as possible to sort out these problems.

Signs to look out for;

If you are experiencing any of these, please contact us  ASAP to organise an appointment.


Factors such as decay or trauma can cause damage and injury to the nerve resulting in internal inflammation, which can result in severe pain. As part of a root canal, we aim to alleviate that pain by removing the inflamed nerve under local anaesthetic. As the procedure is conducted under local anesthetic, it is quite painless. The nerve is removed, and medication is placed, then the root canal is filled with an inert material. Root canal treated teeth are usually weaker than our natural teeth and so it may require a crown to hold it all together. 

Example of what a 2-stage appoinment looks like:

Appointment 1:

We assess the tooth and undergo tests and x-rays to obtain an accurate diagnosis and assess the severity. The tooth is anesthetised to prevent any pain associated with the procedure.

A dental dam is placed over the tooth to protect it and isolate the tooth from any contamination. Our highly trained dentists access the nerve by creating a small opening in the tooth to the nerve chamber. The dentist will remove the nerve and clean out the root canal with rotary instruments. Our modern instruments make root canal treatments quick and easy. The tooth canal is then dressed with an antibacterial medication. A temporary filling is then placed on top.

Appointment 2:

The root canal is cleaned out and disinfected under dental dam again. The root canal is now filled, and the root canal is complete. By this point we would have decided if we need to do further treatment such as a crown.  


Benefits of Root Canal Therapy:

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