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Our Mission

Welcome to Dentists In Annerley, where every smile tells a story and every patient becomes family.

At the heart of our practice is a profound commitment to exceptional dental care, deep-rooted in a culture of understanding, empathy, and partnership. Our team, a collective of highly skilled and experienced professionals, believes in going beyond mere treatments. We see the stories, aspirations, and dreams behind every smile, and it’s our purpose to be guardians and advocates of your oral health journey.

From the first step you take into our clinic, we aspire to make your experience transcend the ordinary. Whether you’re here for a routine checkup or an intricate full-mouth rehabilitation, our approach is always holistic and patient-centric. We delve into understanding not just your immediate dental needs, but also your long-term goals, lifestyle, and concerns. Each treatment recommendation, be it a simple filling, advanced implants, wisdom teeth extractions, or cosmetic interventions, is designed with your best interests at heart, ensuring an optimal blend of aesthetics, function, and longevity.

But beyond techniques and treatments, what truly sets us apart is our belief in education and empowerment. We envision a world where our patients are not just passive recipients but informed collaborators. Through comprehensive consultations, interactive sessions, and continuous feedback, we aim to demystify dental care, making it an enlightening and empowering journey.

Lastly, our dedication goes beyond the walls of our clinic. We’re proud to be part of the Annerley community, and as such, we are ever eager to give back, participate, and foster connections that uplift and strengthen the ties that bind us.

So, when you choose Dentists In Annerley, you’re choosing more than a dental service. You’re choosing a community, a philosophy, and a lifelong partnership. Together, let’s craft stories of health, confidence, and radiant smiles.

Dentists in Annerley Team
Dentists in Annerley

The Clinic

Dentists In Annerley seamlessly merges the wonders of cutting-edge technology with a deep-seated ethos of care and compassion. Our clinic, a state-of-the-art facility, is home to the revolutionary CEREC system, allowing for efficient same-day crown services. This, paired with our advanced digital scanners, ensures every treatment is a testament to precision and efficiency.

But what truly sets us apart is the experience we curate for our patients. Ceiling-mounted TVs offer a soothing distraction, turning treatments into a relaxed affair, while our welcoming coffee and tea station adds a touch of homeliness, ready to comfort before or after procedures. The ambiance is deliberately crafted, exuding a calm and welcoming vibe, complete with uplifting scents and a serene atmosphere.

At the heart of it all, our commitment is unmistakable. Beyond the tools and tech, we prioritize understanding. We don’t just listen; we deeply comprehend, ensuring each proposed treatment aligns with our patients’ needs and aspirations. Dentists In Annerley is more than a dental clinic; it’s a sanctuary of unparalleled dental care, where technology and compassion converge.

Dentists in Annerley
Based on 372 reviews
Jordan Ross
Jordan Ross
As we all know, the dentist isn’t the funnest place to go however the staff here are extremely friendly and professional. They make the whole experience as quick and painless as possible. Highly recommend!
Maria M
Maria M
Very professional comfortable surgery with what looks like the most up-to-date technology . Very thankful to Dr Valentine for a pleasant experience in fixing a broken Crown , he was great! Thank you! receptionist was bright a bubbly and the dental nurse was lovely too and took the time to show me the crown princess. I have had a great experience at the surgery and will be back
Thomas Noblett
Thomas Noblett
Great service and friendly staff
Bronch And Cronch
Bronch And Cronch
Great experience, easy process and lovely staff.
Taylor Baker
Taylor Baker
Amazing experience here at Dentists in Annerley! Staff very helpful!
Karen Borgelt
Karen Borgelt
The most amazing people. Warm,caring,nothing too much trouble. I wish there were 10 stars to give. My grateful thanks to Dr Valentine, to Mei and Libby. You are awesome1
The reception lady is really nice. I’ve had problems with my time schedule but they were very patient with me and helped me find an allocated time. The dentist was alao very soft spoken and explained everything to me in great detail. The complications I can have in the future if I don’t tackle them early. Would recommend coming to them.
Paz Garcia De La Maza
Paz Garcia De La Maza
I had my first consultation and examination today and was the best experience! Dr Sophie explained everything very clearly and professionally!Totally recommended!
Mrs Bing
Mrs Bing
Dr Mina the best . Highly recommend. If you have a fear of the dentist don’t wait go see Dr Mina . I had my root canal and all other oral health care done here. Thanks Dr Mina for your time . Psst , You get to watch Netflix and chill and at times I nearly doze off. ..It’s a dental clinic that feels like a spa .
Mashika sraon
Mashika sraon
Very good service. Reasonably priced. Treated patient with great care. I am normally scared of dentist but I felt very relaxed and comfortable and had pain free treatment.

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Laying the Foundations for a Lifetime of Gleaming Smiles! 🌟👶The journey to pristine oral health starts way earlier than one might think - right from that first toothy peek! Here's how to set your little one on the path of exemplary dental hygiene:🦷 The Early Bird...: Start right when that first tiny tooth makes its appearance, which is typically around six months. But, don’t wait for that! Those tender gums can benefit from gentle wipes with a damp cloth even before the teeth show.🦷 Double the Brushing, Double the Care: Cultivate a habit in your child to brush morning and night. The right amount of fluoride toothpaste ensures safety while maximizing benefits.🦷 Guide their Glide: Children love mimicking adults, but they might not get the technique right immediately. Help them perfect their brushing strokes, ensuring every tooth gets its share of attention.🦷 The Floss Boss: Toothbrushes can't be everywhere. As soon as your child has adjacent teeth, introduce floss to reach those tricky spots.🦷 The Dentist: A Child's Friend: Erase the stereotype of a dental visit being daunting. The earlier they start, the more comfortable they'll be. These visits aren't just about check-ups; they're about building rapport and trust.Remember, early habits not only ensure a beautiful smile for your child but also lay down a roadmap for overall well-being. And when it's time for a professional touch, know that Dentists in Annerley are always here, ready to make your child’s dental journey delightful and rewarding!#dentistsinannerley #childoralcare #earlyhabits #healthyteeth #kidfriendlydentistry
Crafting Beautiful Smiles, One Routine at a Time! 😁✨A diligent daily routine isn't just about flaunting a gleaming set of teeth; it's your first line of defense against potential oral challenges. The magic lies in consistency: imagine halting cavities and gum diseases in their tracks with just a few minutes of brushing and flossing each day!Moreover, a radiant smile isn't only an aesthetic delight; it’s a reflection of your overarching health. Numerous studies have illuminated the profound connection between oral health and systemic conditions like heart disease and diabetes.Seeking stellar dental care tailored to your unique needs? Your search ends here.At Dentists in Annerley, we don't just treat; we partner. Our approach is a blend of expertise and empathy, focusing on understanding your needs and carving a journey towards optimal dental health hand-in-hand. From a minor filling to intricate procedures, we ensure every step feels seamless, transparent, and, most importantly, centered around you.Dive into a world where dental care feels personal, proficient, and passionately pursued. Your smile deserves nothing less.#dentistsinannerley #comprehensivecare #dentalroutine #smilegoals #oralhealthpartners
Smile Brighter: A Comprehensive Guide to Strengthening Your Teeth 🌟🦷Your smile isn’t just a reflection of your happiness; it's also a testament to your oral health. With just a few everyday habits, you can sport a dazzling, healthy grin for years to come. Here's a rundown:🦷 Master the Art of Brushing: A 2-minute ritual, twice daily with fluoride toothpaste, can work wonders. Employ circular motions and ensure every nook and cranny is covered, especially the gumline.🦷 Flossing is Non-Negotiable: Daily flossing delves into spaces your brush misses, ensuring no hidden plaque or food bits remain.🦷 Eat Smart: A balanced diet brimming with fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean proteins, and dairy sets the foundation. And don't forget to keep sugary treats and acidic beverages at bay!🦷 Hydrate with Purpose: Water does more than quench thirst. It cleanses the mouth and combats acidic elements. Bonus points if it's fluoridated!🦷 Tackle Acidic Drinks: Minimize acidic beverage consumption. If you indulge occasionally, use a straw and follow up with a water rinse.🦷 Bid Adieu to Tobacco: It's a known nemesis of oral health, raising the specter of gum disease and oral cancer.🦷 Regular Dental Visits: It's not just about cleanings; regular check-ups can catch potential problems early.🦷 Fluoride is Your Friend: Consult with your dentist about integrating fluoride treatments for added enamel protection.🦷 Guard Up in Sports: Teeth need protection during high-contact activities. A mouthguard is a must-have accessory.🦷 Ditch Harmful Habits: Teeth aren’t tools. Abstain from using them as such and guard against grinding or clenching.Remember, your oral health journey is unique. At Dentists in Annerley, we're geared to provide tailored advice and state-of-the-art cleaning services. Here's to a future of radiant smiles!#dentistsinannerley #oralcaretips #smilebrighter #healthyteethguide #dentalwellness
Facing a Dental Dilemma? Alleviate the Ache at Dentists In Annerley! 🦷💡The experience of dental pain isn’t merely discomforting; it's disruptive. At Dentists in Annerley, we're not just well-versed in understanding the reasons behind your pain, we're adept at alleviating it.🔸 Expert Diagnosis: Our first step is not to treat, but to understand. Whether it's due to tooth decay, infections, gum disease, or an unfortunate dental trauma, we delve deep to find the root cause.🔸 Pain Management Prowess: Our repertoire boasts a range of cutting-edge pain management techniques. Our promise? Effective relief from the most severe dental pains.🔸 Beyond the Ache: Toothaches aren't just about pain. They often come bundled with anxiety, especially when the cause is unknown. We prioritize not just treatment, but also thorough patient education. Once we determine the cause, we ensure you’re armed with knowledge about the ailment and the steps towards recovery.🔸 Consultative Care: After our detailed examination, we lay out the options transparently. No jargons, no pressure; just a clear pathway towards restoring your dental health and comfort.So, if your tooth’s acting up, don’t wait in distress. Let Annerley’s experts be your beacon in navigating the maze of dental dilemmas!#dentistsinannerley #painfreedentistry #expertdiagnosis #dentalrelief #toothachehelp #brisbanedentalcare #urgentdentalneeds #toothachetreatment