Have a Dental Emergency? We are here to help!

For the best possible outcome, it is essential you get in touch with us ASAP. Our highly experienced emergency dentists will do the best to accommodate you and guide you on what to do next.

Emergency Dentist Brisbane Southside

Dental emergencies can and do happen and when it does, we are just one call away! At Dentists in Annerley, we offer emergency dental treatments for all kinds of emergencies in South Brisbane including:

Please bring any lost or broken teeth fragments with you to your appointment as we may be able to use this in your treatment.

Your care is our priority and we will do our absolute best to ensure you are attended to and made comfortable during these stressful times.

If there is major swelling of the face, eyes or throat, leading to difficulty breathing or seeing, or any loss of consciousness or vomiting please call 000 (triple zero) immediately!


What To Do If
Your Tooth Fell Out

If your tooth has been knocked completely out of the socket and you have access to the tooth, grab the tooth only by the crown (the white part) and not by the root. If the tooth is substantially dirty, you can run it under water very gently or rinse it with your own saliva or milk – do not use a strong stream of water and do not scrub the tooth, even if its dirty. 

You only have a short period of 45-60 minutes to re-insert the tooth successfully. 

By holding the crown of the tooth, place the tooth root first into the socket and hold it in there gently by biting down on a piece of gauze or tissue until your appointment with your dentist. 

If you cannot reinsert your tooth on your own, please store the tooth in your mouth or in milk until your emergency dental appointment. Do not store in water. 

Dental Trauma

Trauma is when an accident has caused significant damage to the teeth and/or soft tissues of the mouth and lips. Trauma requires immediate care to avoid potential long-term damage to the teeth and to stop any possible bleeding or further damage to the soft tissues. If you have swelling from trauma, it is recommended to gently place an ice pack on the area for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. Please visit you nearest hospital or call 000 (triple zero) if you are experiencing any dizziness, vomiting, nausea, head/body injuries, blurry vision or fatigue.

If the trauma does not involve anything life threatening or does not require hospitalisation, then we would do an examination and diagnose and asses your condition, stabilise it then discuss options from there.


What To Do If You Have A Broken Tooth Or Broken Filling?

A broken tooth can cause a lot of pain due to exposure of the nerve and needs to be treated as soon as possible to get you out of pain. Some broken teeth do not cause pain but do also require urgent dental care to avoid further damage, infection, or potential pain. 

Unfortunately, at home there is generally nothing that can be done to help assist a broken tooth. We do not recommend using any home materials to blunt out sharp edges and do not try and fill the break with any objects or materials at home, as doing so can further damage the tooth and make fixing the break a lot more difficult. 

Eating on the other side of your mouth is recommended to avoid further damage and keeping the area clean, while rinsing with salt water.

Facial Swelling

In the event that you have swelling of the face, eyes or throat, it is extremely important that you seek immediate medical attention (please call 000 immediately), as in extreme cases, significant swelling can cause closure of the throat and difficulty breathing. Facial swelling may be caused by an infection and may require antibiotics and additional treatment at the time of appointment.  



Tooth Aches & Wisdom Tooth Pain

Tooth aches can cause a substantial amount of pain and require urgent dental care. A tooth ache can be caused by many things, including decay, broken teeth, infection, wisdom teeth, grinding and much more. It is difficult to understand the reason for a toothache without first examining the tooth. At this appointment we can give you further details regarding your options.

Wisdom teeth are a well-known culprit for causing tooth and jaw pain and it is something that most people will have to approach at one point in their life. They may sit in very close proximity to the inferior alveolar nerve and may require special surgery for removal. This is something we can examine with a special OPG radiograph or a CBCT (3D) scan. We will let you know if this is something that will be required before removal.

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