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Dentures are a removable option for missing teeth. They sit in your mouth by attaching to the adjacent teeth or by a suction. They are a cost-effective option or can even be used as a temporary option while we do other sort of treatments such as implants.


Are you sick of dentures slipping out or struggle to eat more solid foods? Is a full arch of implants too expensive? There is a middle ground. This is the implant supported denture, also known as an over-denture.

Dentures can become loose and mobile for a number of reasons and can lead to discomfort or embarrassment when they fall out. This particularly occurs in the lower denture. By simply placing as little as 2 implants we can create a foundation, where the denture can be securely attached to. We can convert your current denture or make you a new one as we have the best dentures in Brisbane.

Advantages of Overdentures:

✓ Stabilises the denture
✓ It is removable and easily cleanable
✓Allows you to comfortably eat with your dentures, food that you could not have eaten before
✓ The ability to speak and laugh without the fear of the dentures falling out
✓ More affordable than a full arch of implant

This procedure greatly varies from patient to patient and so a consult is essential prior to providing more information.

Prices for an over-denture with 2 implants and conversion of the existing denture start at $5,500 


Full dentures are a replacement for a full set of either upper or lower teeth. They replicate the aesthetics of your previous teeth. However, they have some limitations with functionality. Full dentures are a cost-effective way to get your smile back but are not as strong as your natural teeth and so it becomes harder to chew certain foods. Full dentures are also removable and need to be cleaned daily.

At Dentists in Annerley, our primary goal is to ensure that we work with you to give you the confident smile you deserve by creating cosmetic dentures with the most natural appearance. To provide you with this result, our Dental Prosthetist will work with you to select the right size, shape, shade and placement of your teeth.

Our dentures are made using innovative new technology, which has certain translucency and colour variations, ensuring the highest standard of quality and the most natural look. Furthermore, the materials we use are of a high impact acrylic hence making the denture stronger and more break resistant than your typical denture and allowing for longevity and optimal functionality.

We only use premium materials from leading brands in the dental industry, to guarantee the highest level of aesthetics and to ensure longevity of each denture that is produced here at out clinic.

Types of Full Dentures:

1. Immediate denture

Immediate dentures are constructed over a series of appointments before the teeth are extracted. This is done so that your dentist may be able to insert the dentures immediately after your natural teeth are removed, so that you do not go for anytime without teeth.

By getting immediate dentures, you do not have to put up with missing teeth while your gums and bones are healing from the extractions. The dentures also act as a “Band-Aid” to protect the oral tissues and reduce bleeding.

The healing process can result in the gums and bone to shrink over a period of several months, and the immediate dentures may need to be relined during this time.

2. Conventional

Conventional dentures are the old way we did dentures. This process involves removal of all the teeth then a healing period of about 1 month. At this point we start the treatment phase for the denture, involving impressions and appointments to try-in the denture. The downfall of this method is that the patient goes for 1-2 month without teeth.

Our preferred method is the immediate denture so that our patients can leave with their new denture and have teeth on the same day that their natural teeth have been removed.

Partial dentures come in many forms for different circumstances and situations:

1. Acrylic


Acrylic partial dentures are a great solution to replace a few teeth and is usually the most cost effective method. They look like natural teeth but are limited by their strength. These can be used as a long-term solution or as a temporary solution while placing an implant.

Our Acrylic partial dentures in Brisbane are designed in a similar way to complete dentures, but only replace one or several missing teeth but not all the teeth. They are retained by clasps, which are wires that are bent to shape around the natural adjacent teeth.

A major disadvantage of acrylic partial dentures is that they normally do not fit as well as Cast Metal partials and they are considerably thicker.

This option may not be available to everyone so please feel free to come see us and we can work together to find what best suits you.

2. Cast metal


Cast metal partial dentures are a long term and stronger option for multiple missing teeth compared to acrylic. Even though they are not as strong as natural teeth, they are stronger than the acrylic denture.

Cast metal partials have long proven to be most reliable type of partial denture. The main body of the denture is made up of a metal frame and the teeth are embedded within the pink denture acrylic that is attached to the frame.

Our Cast partial dentures in Brisbane consist of occlusal rests, that sit on the top of some of the remaining natural teeth. These rests decrease the 'up and down' movement of the denture when chewing. This is important because the denture teeth sit on top of gum tissue and constantly pushes into the gum when chewing, if a rest is not present to prevent this movement it may increase gum loss.

Cast metal partial dentures are also lighter and less bulky in the mouth due of the strength of the metal frame, making them more comfortable and stable than other denture options.

This option may not be available to everyone so please feel free to come see us and we can work together to find what best suits you.

3. Flexible/Velplast


Flexible partial dentures are the latest type of denture compared to cast metal and acrylic partial dentures. This type of partial denture is made using a thermoplastic material that is used in place of the pink denture acrylic to produce a highly adapted fitting denture.

Flexible partials are short span and short term removable partial dentures that are held in place by gum-coloured claps that fit around the remaining teeth. The denture is not bulky, so it fits comfortably and the translucency of the materials blends in with the natural tissue to give the most natural aesthetically pleasing smile.

They are a light and fit snug but unfortunately they are not as strong as a metal cast dentures and are usually used as a short term temporary solution.

4. Temporary (during implant placement)


Temporary dentures are usually used in cases where a front tooth is missing or has been lost and an implant is being placed. While the implant is integrating with the surrounding bone, a temporary denture is placed so that there is no gap in the patients smiles while the crown is being prepared to sit on the implant.

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