Comprehensive Examination

A comprehensive examination is probably one of the most important aspects of dentistry. The aim of this exam is to give you a complete picture of your oral health and dental conditions so that together we can tailor a plan which suits your individual needs. It is during this visit where a thorough exam is carried out and records are obtained including radiographs and photos. A comprehensive exam evaluates the current status of your teeth, gums and other soft and hard tissues. This examination extends to the outside of the mouth where we look at the temporomandibular joints, the jaw, and other external structures. This exam also includes oral cancer screening and a diet analysis.

Furthermore we use this time to educate our patients about oral health and hygiene and make recommendations of products and material which best suits you.

This visit typically takes 45-60mins and this examination consists of:

✓ Temporalis

✓ Masseter


✓Range of motion and deviation of the jaw

✓ Lymph nodes

✓Submandibular glands

✓ Tongue

✓ Floor of the mouth

✓ Inside of the cheeks


✓ Palate

✓ Tonsils and uvula

✓ Teeth including wisdom teeth and crowding

✓ Any ulcerations or soft tissue conditions

✓ Potential oral pathologies

✓ OPG – Full mouth radiograph

✓ Bitewings – smaller radiographs to look for decay

✓ Periapical radiographs – localised small radiographs if infection suspected

✓ Photographs of your teeth so you can see any decay and also, so we have baseline records to compare to future visits.

✓ You will have a thorough treatment plan with pricing

✓ We go through dental education and oral hygiene instructions

✓ Give recommendations on toothpastes and toothbrushes based on your circumstances

✓ Give dietary advice where it relates to your dentition

✓ You will receive a gift as a thank you for choosing us to be your local dentist


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